Ep. 79 - Double Dragon Twins interview
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Ep. 79 - Double Dragon Twins interview

Andrea and Irene Ramos (born March 18, 1988), also known as the Double Dragon Twins, are a Peruvian-born & raised singing duo and performers. The twins made their TV debut at the young age of 8 years old at Peru's children television show "De Colores" (1996) as back dancers, where they remained until the cancellation of the show and it's subsequent spin-offs "Tornasol" and "Club de las Gemelas" (Twins' club).
The identical twins were born in Lima, Peru, to Percy Gustavo Ramos and Ethel Aldana Lovell. They have an older brother, Percy Luis.

In 2004, at the age of 16, Irene auditioned to a singing competition called "Desafio de Estrellas" (Stars Challenge) in channel 4 (America TV) where the winners of 7 groups of 7 participants each would face off to determine who was the best singer with Irene prevailing as the absolute winner. The same year Andrea would audition to a TV reality/competition called "Pop tu Show" and she would go on to win a spot in the prize which was to be casted in a girls' band of 5 members. Despite that, the group would never come to fruition. The twins expressed that their inspiration to start participating in this competition was Simon Cowell. They became huge fans of the American Idol judge at the time since they enjoyed watching him on cable television.

In 2012, Andrea and Irene were part of the TV show known as "Divas" in "America TV" where again they were casted to participate as a duet. The show would go on to become a success and they were crowned the winners and the new "Divas" of Peru.

In 2014 the twins, would go to become participants of La Voz Peru (The Voice), they auditioned separately, Irene spinned all 4 chairs in her rendition of "Fallin' by Alicia Keys" and Andrea followed her sisters audition by doing the same her in blind audition and getting all four judges to turn their chair with her interpretation of "Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston". Irene picked Jose Luis Rodriguez as her coach, and Andrea picked Eva Ayllon as hers.

After the success of La Voz, the twins continued to perform at private venues and small concerts throughout Lima until they decided to migrate to America in 2017 after their naturalized U.S Citizen father asked them to accept his petition to become permanent U.S Residents. However, destiny would deliver a heavy blow to the sisters' the following year when their father was diagnosed with stage IV cancer to the bile ducts and was given a few weeks to live in the month of April.

Their father was an avid soccer fan, and given that Peru had finally managed to classify the World Cup after a 36 year absence. The sisters' managed to get a hold of a professional soccer player that shared their fathers' story to the entire Soccer National Team and given that they understood he would not make it to watch Peru in the world cup they sent videos encouraging him to stay strong. However, Percy Sr. would go on to express that he was deeply saddened to miss his daughters accomplishing their long term dream of meeting Simon Cowell and participating in a US Talent TV Show.