Ep. 102 - The Cast of Amish Country Theatre
Backstage Pass with VictoriaJanuary 01, 202100:27:1724.93 MB

Ep. 102 - The Cast of Amish Country Theatre

The cast of the Amish Country Theatre in the beautiful Berlin Ohio (listed below) chat with Backstage Pass after their evening show, Shakin’ Bacon, a parody/comedy/variety show that is completely one of a kind. Ken Groves shares his near death experiences while performing oversees, Donnie Abraham shares his (least) favorite Christmas song to perform, and the cast talks about their tight bond and brainstorming sessions behind the scenes.

Johnny Glessner (production director)

Logan Harper (Beachy Boys)

John Bunn ( Lynard)

Donnie Abraham (Vocals)

Niels Duinker (Juggler)

Ken Groves (ventriloquist)